Although this study unable to determine whether developmental res

Although this study unable to determine whether developmental rescue occurred exclusively through introduction of

unaffected mitochondria into ethidium bromide-damaged oocytes, e. g. ethidium bromide may also affect other ooplasm components, these results clearly demonstrate that ooplasm transfer can completely rescue developmentally compromised oocytes, supporting the potential use of ooplasm transfer in therapeutic applications. (C) 2010, Reproductive Selleck BMS-754807 Healthcare Ltd. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.”
“Purpose The Core Outcome Measures Index (COMI) is a short, multidimensional outcome scale validated for the use by patients with spinal disorders. It is a recommended instrument in the Spine Society of Europe Spine Tango Registry. The purpose of this study was to produce a cross-culturally adapted and validated Polish COMI.

Methods The cross-cultural selleck adaptation was carried out using the established guidelines.

One-hundred and sixty-nine patients with chronic low back pain were enrolled, 89 took part in the reproducibility part of the study. Data quality, construct validity and reproducibility were assessed.

Results The quality of data was very good with very few missing answers and modest floor effect. Reliability expressed as intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) was 0.90 (95 % CI 0.85-0.93) for the overall COMI score and for most of the individual core items. The minimum detectable change (MDC95%) was 1.79.

Conclusions The Polish version of COMI showed a favorable reproducibility similar to that of previously tested language versions. The COMI scores correlated sufficiently with existing measures. This version of the COMI is a valuable instrument for the use by Polish-speaking patients with spinal disorders.”
“During vitrification, the glass-like solidification is the phase-transition process from liquid to solid. Phase transition is one of the major factors suspected to affect the physiology of the oocyte, such as the structure

of the meiotic spindle. Therefore, it is very important to investigate the systematic and morphological alterations of the metaphase-II spindle and chromosome arrangement during complete EGFR inhibitors cancer course of a vitrification and warming process. B6D2F1 (C57BL/6 X DBA/2) mouse oocytes were cryopreserved by minimum volume cooling (MVC) method of vitrification in a solution with 15% ethylene glycol, 15% dimethylsulphoxide and 0.5 mol/l sucrose. To examine the spindle, oocytes were fixed before, during and after vitrification and were analysed by immunocytochemistry and confocal microscopy. It was shown that spindles in all oocytes could be maintained through the vitrification and warming process, even though they were exposed to extreme temperature and two rounds of phase transition.

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