In this patient, however, the clinical course was dramatically co

In this patient, however, the clinical course was dramatically complicated by the development of ciprofloxacin-associated rhabdomyolysis.”
“We report the case of a 53-year-old farmer with a 5-day history of severe headache, photophobia and neck stiffness. Full blood count (platelets 173), coagulation screen were normal throughout. Liver function tests remained normal apart from an

elevated gamma-GT (156). CT Brain was normal. CSF analysis showed a WCC of 454/mm(3) (60% lymphocytes), elevated CSF protein (1.42 g/l) and a normal CSF glucose. He was commenced on IV antibiotics and IV acyclivor and improved. On day 3 of admission, he complained of a sudden severe headache, became unresponsive (GCS 3/15).

CT Brain showed a massive left intraventricular haemorrhage. He died 4 days later. Subsequent Selleck LY2606368 serum serology for leptospirosis was positive. A repeat sample taken 4 days post-admission, showed a rising IgM indicating active leptospirosis. Detailed pathological examination confirmed intracerebral haemorrhage with normal cerebral vasculature.

Leptospirosis is a rare cause of intracerebral haemorrhage even in the absence of coagulopathy.”
“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now recommend combination therapy with ceftriaxone 250 mg plus azithromycin (AZM) 1 g as a first-line regimen for gonorrhea because the increase of Neisseria gonorrhoeae resistant

GW4869 clinical trial to multiple antimicrobial agents. However, reports on the in vitro activity of antimicrobial combinations against clinical isolates of N. gonorrhoeae are very rare. In the present study, a checkerboard method was utilized to examine the in vitro activity of ceftriaxone

(CTRX), cefodizime (CDZM), spectinomycin (SPCM), or gentamicin (GM) in combination with Caspase phosphorylation AZM against 25 clinical isolates of N. gonorrhoeae. The SPCM + AZM combination demonstrated the lowest mean fractional inhibitory concentration index (FICI) of 0.69, followed by the CDZM + AZM combination (mean FICI, 0.75), the CTRX + AZM combination (mean FICI, 0.81), and the GM + AZM combination (mean FICI, 0.83). Additivity/indifference effect was detected for the SPCM + AZM combination, the CDZM + AZM combination, the CTRX + AZM combination, and the GM + AZM combination, against 96 %, 72 %, 92 %, and 100 % of the isolates, respectively. There was no antagonism for any of the antimicrobial combinations against the 25 N. gonorrhoeae isolates. These results suggest that the antimicrobial combinations may be worthy of clinical evaluation as an alternative regimen for gonococcal infections caused by antimicrobial-resistant strains.”
“Neurological complications of scrub typhus are reported to be rare. Peripheral nervous system involvement has been reported in only one case. We present two cases of Guillan-Barr, syndrome (GBS) associated with scrub typhus.

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